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“This experiment has to be one of the biggest breakthroughs we have had.” This was the thought inside Rachel’s head. She was 21 years old with long black hair and had become a doctor almost immediately after college. Despite her beautiful looks, she was extremely smart. Rachel and her friend and assistant Megan, who was two years younger and had blond hair in a ponytail, had developed a new type of medicine.

“You sure this is going to work?” Meg asked. “Yes. This drug was made to decrease the gestational period from 9 months to around 1-2.” Rachel informed her. “In other words, the babies develop more quickly so women can have a quicker and safer pregnancy with less risk. Of course there are a few side effects…The babies grow much faster so there may be a few growth spurts and women may experience a larger appetite than normal pregnant women. However, this is sure to be for the good of the world.” Rachel said.

“So, have we been given the OK to test this?” she asked Meg “Well yes, but we have one small factor to deal with. We still need someone to test it on…” Meg told her. “We need the subject to drink the medicine down. Then, we would inseminate them and see if they become pregnant and then we would see from there…”

“Not to worry. I found a subject…myself.” Rachel said. “What? Are you sure? I mean, if you want I could…” “No no, I want to be the one to see if this feels right before we can release it to the world. I know what the risks are and understand what might happen, and my mind is made up. Besides, I always did want lots of kids, and this could be a good start” she said. “OK then. I suppose we should start then. Lets go.”

Later, in the area where the fertilization would take place, Rachel had already drank a good amount of the medicine. Now she would be injected with sperm and would then a few days later, she and Meg would see if she was pregnant. So she went back home and waited. A couple of days later, Meg performed a sonogram to see if it worked and…

“It worked Rachel. Your pregnant. However…” Rachel sat up. “Something wrong?” “Well, not really. It’s just that we kind of shot you with more than one dose and well, there’s more than one embryo. Let’s see…1...2...3...4. There’s 4 of them.” Rachel saw the monitor and saw that Megan was right.

“Really? Wow! That’s great. This actually will be a good way to show that the drug can help provide safer multiple births and lower their risks, providing this works.” Rachel said, very happily. “I’ll say. But man, your going to get big! Didn’t you say your family gains a lot of weight when they’re pregnant?” Meg asked her friend. “Actually yes. I think it’s because of our metabolism going haywire or something. I actually remember my mother telling me she gained almost 90 pounds with me, and just me, one baby! And now I’m having quads…But I’m still excited!” she answered.

Two days later, Rachel began to notice the changes. Her breasts were starting to grow quite a bit and felt tender. There was also a very small, but not that noticeable bulge in her belly. The babies were developing very quickly. Rachel’s weight was originally 118 pounds, now up to 127, a small gain but a large one since she only got pregnant 3 days ago. Megan was coming over so Rachel got dressed in a yellow dress that was already starting to feel a little snug in a few places.

After Megan arrived, Rachel showed off her small growth. “This is so great.” Meg commented. “I think so too.” Rachel said. Your coming along nicely and…” Meg paused for a second as both she and Rachel saw her breasts begin to grow another inch. “Oh, we better get this down too.” she told her. “Also, I brought my camera. I was wondering if I could….” Megan trailed off but Rachel could tell what she wanted.

“You want to take my picture? It’s cool. Go ahead.” she told her. Megan pulled her camera out and took the picture. “Thanks, but I was actually wondering if…I could do one of the belly. As in…” Rachel stopped her and laughed slightly. “Say no more.” she told her as she lifted her dress up again to show her bare belly off and Megan took another snapshot.

A few days later entering the second week, Rachel woke up and began to feel around her middle. It was getting much bigger, already looking like she was 4-5 months pregnant, her breasts getting bigger as well, and both her breasts and belly were straining her pink nightshirt. Rachel got a call from Megan. “Hello? Yes, I’ll be over later, Just need to get something to wear and then…” Rachel paused as she felt a small growth spurt, causing one of the buttons on her nightshirt to go flying. “Oh, that was nothing. I’ll be over soon.” and hung up.

Rachel put on a large green sundress that was already getting tight and arrived at Megan’s. She took two more pictures of Rachel, one with and one without her shirt, to measure the process. “So, what do you want to do? Seems like the perfect day for swimming.” Rachel pointed out motioning to Meg’s pool in the back. “Sounds great!”

Megan put on her black bikini and waited for Rachel, who ho put on a purple one piece and they went for a swim. “This feels so good.” Meg commented in the water. Rachel nodded as she closed her eyes and relaxed. As she was in the water, she began to feel a few ‘thumps’. “Oh! I can feel them kicking! Guess they like the water” she told Meg. Rachel also felt her suit was getting tighter, meaning she was going through a growth spurt again.

When they got out, Meg helped her friend out. “Whoa! I didn’t realize how big I was” Rachel said as she got out, being effected by gravity again. Rachel grew another 7 inches while in the water. Megan was mesmerized by her size. “Do you have any food around here? The kids are getting hungry I think” Rachel said. “Oh yes, follow me inside” Meg told her

When Rachel got home, she went to her scale and measured her weight. “164. OK. Current weight gain: 44 pounds. This feels great!” she said, happy at the experiment’s excellent progress. Rachel began to feel another kick and smiled. “That feels even better.”

The next week, Rachel got into her shower, though since it was small it was a little difficult. She looked down and could just barely see her toes under her fat midsection. Rachel began to scrub her belly with a soapy washcloth. It sent a jolt of pleasure through her body and one of the babies kicked. After the shower, Rachel looked down again and saw her toes had disappeared now. She put on a large red T-shirt that really showed how full her belly and breasts were and a pair of loose blue jeans that were getting tight in her backside and waited.

“Wow! Your huge now!” Megan said as she came inside. Rachel laughed at this. “No kidding. I feel huge. But it’s nice. I grew almost a foot since last week. Yesterday I had a sonogram. All 4 babies already weigh 3 pounds each!” Megan then offered to make her lunch. “So, what’ll it be?” “ANYTHING!” was the reply, causing Meg to burst into laughter

Megan made Rachel a large bowl of spaghetti, which she started to eat instantly, already polishing off a big bowl. She was feeling her shirt getting tighter and tighter with the second and third helpings. Rachel also helped herself to a bag of potato chips, and for dessert Megan made two huge bowls of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce. Rachel ate hers and Megan couldn’t finish hers completely so Rachel offered to finish it for her

“Oooh! I think I over did it…” Rachel said as she eased herself onto the couch. Her huge belly was sticking out slightly under her red shirt, so she lifted up her shirt and rubbed it. Megan grabbed her camera and they took two more pictures, the same routine as usual. “Come on to the bathroom. I want to check my progress so far.” Megan helped her walk into the other room

“Could you hand me the tape measurer over there?” Rachel asked Megan who handed her the tape measurer Rachel measured about 50 inches around her girth and her current total weight gain was 64 pounds now weighing 182 pounds. Then they went into the bedroom, where Rachel sat down on the bed.

“Hey, you want to feel them? They’re kicking again” Megan immediately said yes and rubbed her friend’s bare stomach, feeling the small bumping from within. “Wait, stay still. Can you feel it?” Megan kept her hands still and felt Rachel’s tummy grow larger by a few inches. “Wow! That’s so cool!” Megan said. “I know it feels amazing. Only problem is the bigger they grow, the heavier I feel…” Rachel giggled.

Another week came, and Megan was heading to Rachel’s once again. She knocked on the door but there was no answer. Megan slowly walked inside and went into Rachel’s room. “Oh hey. I’m sorry I guess I was too tired to get up” Rachel greeted her friend. She was laying down in bed and looked to be underneath a small mountain and two smaller hills beneath her sheets. Megan helped her sit up. Rachel began to feel kicking within her expanding middle. “Good morning” she greeted her unborn children.

“So, how are we feeling?” Megan asked. “Like you need to ask” was the sarcastic reply. Her belly stuck close to 3 feet around and looked like a beach ball. “Your breasts are massive.” Meg pointed out, feeling one, which felt really round and firm. “Yeah and they feel pretty full too…” Rachel said, feeling the other. “See? I think I’m leaking…” she pointed out a wet spot near her nipples.

“Better go change that bra I guess…” Meg smirked, causing Rachel to laugh a bit, bobbing her massive boobs up and down. “I stopped wearing one last night. They were all getting too tight. Since this pregnancy is going so quickly I didn’t think maternity clothing was necessary.” She turned to her dresser and got a idea. “Hey, when you take your pictures, let me try on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I wanna see how big I REALLY got!”

So Meg started to snap picture after picture of Rachel in different clothes and different sexy poses. She wore that same green sundress two weeks ago that was nearly about to rip, her nightshirt that Rachel was unable to button at all now, black lycra pants that really showed off her shapely thighs and big booty, and they also did a picture of Rachel in her largest bra and hottest underwear. The bra was having trouble containing her breasts and her butt was really shown off nicely in the underwear.

Rachel then found a large blue sweater and a large blue miniskirt, it was the largest articles of clothing she had. Rachel tried it on wanting to see. The miniskirt was having trouble covering her rear end, her breasts looked like two basketballs inside the sweater, and her belly was so large that any bigger and the sweater would probably tear apart. “I need a picture of this!” Meg said, snapping her camera.

“I can’t wear this anymore. It’s way too hot and I’m even hotter with all this extra weight. I gained 86 pounds in total now! I weigh over 200! And now I’m starving!” Rachel complained as she held her stomach. “Guess it’s time to eat then.” Meg said. Rachel heaved herself off of her bed and waddled behind her friend

Entering the final days of the experiment and pregnancy, Megan offered a little celebration of the home stretch. The way the experiment was going, Rachel would give birth within any day now. She was a little disappointed that this was almost over but at least Rachel would be relieved of the pressure on her body. Yet, Rachel was also disappointed that this was almost over as she was driving to Meg’s house.

“Hey! Glad you could come and…WOW!” Megan stopped and was awe struck at Rachel’s appearance. She was wearing the a pair of black shorts that showed off her shapely thighs and a white tank top that was loose before but now looked like a bra on her enormous over inflated breasts. Rachel’s tummy was completely bare and exposed. “So, off to the pool?” she said

Rachel wore a blue bikini exposing her belly and the top was tight on her boobs. In the water she kept feeling kicking and slight swelling. “So, how much you weigh now?” Meg asked. “I checked about 221 pounds this morning! That means I gained over 100 pounds now. And that was just this morning. I felt the 4 babies grow a little bigger for a little while now so I probably got even bigger.” Rachel smiled. “I sure hope they’ll be healthy. I mean in total even if it’s only been about 5 weeks, physically they’re close to 8 months, which is longer than other quads…”

“Rachel?” Megan asked her friend who was starting to nod off and fall asleep in the peaceful water. She felt completely weightless in the water and her belly, breasts, and ankles had some relief. “I’ll go get some food ready OK?” she told her and Rachel nodded with her eyes closed. She was exhausted but happy. Later, Megan brought out a bunch of different foods like pizza, chips, fruit punch, cookies, and loads other stuff. Rachel got out of the water, after nearly fumbling because she was effected by gravity once again and they ate nearly the whole display. Then, Megan offered to soothe Rachel’s aching belly by rubbing it and Rachel did the same for her

The next morning, Rachel woke up feeling slightly bigger. Last night, she measured herself to have a 83 inch belly and weighed 228 pounds in total She slowly got up with great difficulty and felt some kicking within.

“Good morn-OW!” Rachel then felt a sharp pain and knew she must’ve been going into labor. She called Megan and they went to the hospital. There, Rachel gave birth to her 4 babies, two girls and two boys. “Well, they’re healthy. So the experiment was a success. The company has agreed to buy it. They think it’s safe for other people to use.” Megan said. “That’s great…” Rachel smiled weakly from exhaustion and smiling at her babies

“You know, as soon as I’m a little better, I think I want to do this again…” Rachel said to her friend. “Yeah, but you’ll need to wait after I have mine…” Megan smiled at Rachel who looked surprised. “I tried our gestation medicine four days ago…Not only that, but they say I’m having quints!”
Here's just a short and good story about a young doctor who tests one of experiments on herself and becomes enormously pregnant and what she experiences. Not much at first glance but hope you enjoy!
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keaten18 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
Have I ever thought of doing one on Rachel's pregnancy
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Amazing story!!
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Great story! I have never had a deviantart account until just recently, but I finally registered, and now I'm going around to thank the authors of the stories that I've loved so much, and maybe share fantasies :) I really enjoy your work!
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please pt 2

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I agree. Write part 2 plz
This was really cool to read!
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you should write a 2nd piece ... her preg again with the toddlers around and so on ... would be hot
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I love this story and I wish there were more like it, but I think the author has abandoned DA long ago. Someone should write something similar. :)
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Really nice story.
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The only thing I didn't enjoyed is the fact that this "medicine" is quite controversial (becuase of the "population" issues). Other than that, gr8 story!
EllaJoan Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
Wish it was longer. D:
Mastamindtaker Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010
Yea but what can you do?
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love this story. you should totally write a second one about megan!
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very good job i like it a lot ¡¡¡
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hey did you make anymore yet? if so can you give me the link?
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good job
Crab-master Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
not to nit-pick about continuity, but, you say that she is 21 and you say thay she became a doctor after college. logically it follows that entering college at the age of 17 or 18 would cause her to graduate at either 22 or 23, with a masters at best with a doctorate requiring additional years of study placing her well over 21. of course you could just say, in an ad hoc manner, that she was a child genius and graduated early so dont worry what I think.

except this part: great story.
aximar Featured By Owner May 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god, hottest thing I've ever read...
goddess-of-plenty Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
really great piece :)
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You are without a doubt one of the best writers I've come across. I do pregnancy stories too, maybe we could colab one some time.
Mastamindtaker Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010
hmm, perhaps :)
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Pregnancy is beautiful. They always have a healthy glow. :)
xXzYzXx Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
:iconohfuckplz: I came buckets... For 4 HOURS!!!!!!!!
but seriously, this is a happy-go-lucky-feel good-tale, and as far as length is concerned I think it`s the perfect length... not long enough to bore me/not short enough to sound stupid. It`s just the right length: short, sweet, and to the point. Bravo Sir! Jolly Good!
PokemonGirl246 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
I really like it, it has a great plot and you executed it greatly.
phonein909 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
Ok, whilst I like the story, there's always one rule which you must follow when writing pregnancy stories. Never, ever, mention kicking. Kicking is not a pleasant experience for the woman, it's extremely painful (I'm not a mother, I'm a boy but I have siblings young enough for me to remember my mother visibly wincing and getting angry whenever the baby kicked), and hearing about babies kicking is annoying, trivial and pointless, it accomplishes nothing. You mentioned it so much I was furious enough to wish humans had never developed legs. Sorry, but it honestly is annoying. Other than that, a little too much description, but the rest was quite good.
sary101 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
uhhh not to drown your garden with rain but every woman is different when it comes to pregnancy. some people feel it terribly and some feel nothing at all.
pieperson2234 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
great story.. i hope you make the one about megan soon... and make it long... that would be nice... :D
ethard Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
even better it would be cool if u made a comic book,
ethard Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
u should draw the story in pictures to, that whould be cool.
NEEKEEZH Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
and let me guess--after she gave birth her tummy was as thin as a stick forever?
Mastamindtaker Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
Not really, she was a little chubby after that.
NEEKEEZH Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
I knew so.

btw, why does princess peach get back to normal at the end of every inflation story she's in? that's what I see, at least.
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It'd be cool if she exploded
Mastamindtaker Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
Nope, she had just enough room.
heidiwood Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2009
the dialog was cheesy and the ending went wayyy to fast. it was like a fairy tale! i loved the story itself, but this needs to be tweaked and lengthened a little.
sabelorxy Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
You should make a second story about megan
Mastamindtaker Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
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aww...i liked that story. :) It was really cute :D
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Wow, interesting concept... I like it though. :)
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Do u lik BE?????
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